Savoy Hotel Mactan by Megaworld

Savoy Hotel Mactan

Project Type : Condominium
Listing Type : Preselling
Units : Studio, 1 BR
Price: 4,000,000 & Up
Address : Mactan Newton
Location : Cebu City , Cebu PH Savoy Hotel Mactan Megaworld Savoy Hotel Mactan Savoy Hotel Mactan Megaworld Savoy Hotel Mactan Cebu City

Savoy Hotel Mactan - Twin Suite
Twin Suite
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Executive Studio
Executive Studio
Savoy Hotel Mactan - handicap Suite
handicap Suite
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Junior Suite
Junior Suite
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Lobby
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Lobby
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Location & Vicinity
Location & Vicinity
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Queen Suite
Queen Suite
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Site Development Plan
Site Development Plan
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Savoy Hotel Mactan - Savoy Hotel Mactan
Savoy Hotel Mactan

Megaworld Savoy Hotel Mactan Savoy Hotel Mactan Megaworld Savoy Hotel Mactan Cebu City


The Savoy hotel is the new luxurious hotel investment made by Megaworld. The vision of this hotel is to capitalize on the influx of tourist in Mactan Island. The Savoy hotel is located in Cebu. Cebu is an island that's located in the middle of Visayas in South Philippine. The area has a lot of history, very rich in culture and is a dynamic area that gives the best to both people in business and travelers. Megaworld has outdone themselves with this P20-billion project. Savoy Hotel is just 15 minutes from the famous Mactan Airport. It certainly highlights the live, work, learns, and play system. It is located in the most trending destination in the Philippines and offers a living, growing, and vibrant environment. Savoy Hotel is the first major township development by Megaworld that’s outside the Metro Manila. The Savoy Hotel is the best of its kind in the country, and it boasts with its own beachfront and many other unique features.

Savoy hotel is built stylishly with the best amenities. The luxurious condo hotel has 18-storeys with executive suites, queen suites, Twin Bedroom Suites and a unique feature of providing individual units for the specially abled. Every unit has a Condominium Certificate of Title, and the long-term occupancy of guests gives the best returns for their investors. The residents and visitor of Savoy hotel are pampered with the lot of sophisticated amenities recreational offerings which include the bar lounge, Massage deck, the gym, and of course the swimming pool. There is also an efficient transportation and concierge system. The Savoy Hotel in Mactan promise a full customer satisfaction, and a professional hotel group guarantees this.

The Savoy hotel offers a unique feature of giving you the opportunity of investing in different units of the hotel. They get to own the condo hotel units. They are hotel rooms too, but they can be owned with the deeds of ownership just like a condominium. The units can also be rented out for business or pleasure. The whole business is managed and controlled by the Prestige Hotel and Resorts, joined with the Award winning Condo developer Megaworld. The investment has no risk involved because they are monitored and operated by the hotel. The improvement, refurbishment, and maintenance of the room are all taken care by the Hotel operator. The Hotel will also take other operating expenses like association dues, operating cost, utilities, common area charges and other related expenses care. The owners of the condominium hotel unit also have a privilege to 30 days free stay in the unit within each year. The owner must contact the hotel in advance for this bonus. The units are for at most 15 years and will be renewed automatically.

Investors are allowed to buy any number of units they want; the highest number should be 500 which is the number that the hotel itself contains. There are different kinds of available units, and they include the Twin Bedroom suites, Executive suites, Queen Suites and even specially designed suites for the challenged or disabled visitors.

Apart from Manila, Cebu is the most accessible place that has sea linkages and indoor air. It has attracted different calibers of people the city including regular tourists, foreign spouses, expats and even foreign retirees. Megaworld is looking to build more new facilities that will increase the tourism of the area. The Managing Director of the Prestige Hotels and Resort Inc. said they hope to give the best service to the foreign guests, the local tourists, and also the visitors coming to Mactan Newtown. Mr. Carmen Fernando is the operator of Savoy Hotel Mactan Newtown and also Mactan Belmont Luxury Hotel.

Megaworld is expanding the beauty of Mactan Newtown by building a three-level lifestyle Mall which is predicted to be the Landmark of Mactan Newtown. The name of the place is Plaza Magellan. The mall is set to have a beautiful main entrance that will face Lapu-Lapu Shrine (this is an ancient shrine where the famous battle between the Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan on April 27, 1521. The plaza will attract a lot of tourist with its different features with the main feature being the life-sized replica of the Spanish Galleon Victoria. The galleon Victoria is the first locomotors to circumnavigate the earth. The galleon Victoria is the only Magellan ship out of five of its kind to survive the expedition and still able to return to Spain, this thus making it around the globe. The plaza will also feature the Spanish Steps that will lead all the visitors to the main entrance of the mall. The plaza Magellan will also feature a museum that will be dedicated to the expeditions and life of Magellan. It is quite a beautiful treat for all the tourists, visitors and lovers of the Philippine and most especially the residents of the Visayas Central region.

Megaworld is allocating a lot of money to develop The Mactan Newtown. It is an excellent reason for you to live in or just invest in Savoy Hotel. The place is already beautiful; now imagine how it's going to look after the P30-billion investment of Megaworld in the next five to seven years.

There is a lot of reasons why the Savoy hotel is the best around the Philippines, and they include the many superb amenities in the establishment. The guests are treated to some basic amenities like a business center, a massage deck, a bar lounge and a regular gym. The beautiful and luxurious hotel is a perfect place for tourists and visitors to getaway and is exposed to the wonderful island culture of the Philippines. The area of the hotel has a rich cultural background and culture which makes it the best place for tourists, travelers, and even businesspeople. The Savoy hotel is the most trending place for all pleasure seekers and visitors. The location is perfect with it being just a stone throw to the beach and also just 15 minutes to the Cebu International Airport. The Savoy hotel is the best place for you whether you are looking to invest or just looking for an excellent location for a vacation.


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Available Units

Savoy Hotel
Studio Unit
Savoy Hotel Studio Unit Studio Unit Studio Unit Cebu City, Cebu
4,000,000 PHP
Hot   Studio   37 sqm   yes
Mactan Newton , Cebu City , Cebu PH Studio Unit Studio Unit Studio Unit Cebu City
Savoy Hotel
1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel
Savoy Hotel 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel Cebu City, Cebu
5,000,000 PHP
Hot   1   24 sqm   yes
Mactan Newton , Cebu City , Cebu PH 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel Cebu City
Savoy Hotel
1 Bedroom
Savoy Hotel 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom Cebu City, Cebu
4,500,000 PHP
Hot   1   47 sqm   yes
Mactan Newton , Cebu City , Cebu PH 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom Cebu City

Savoy Hotel Price List

Savoy Hotel Price List
Unit Name
Price (₱)
4,000,000 PHP
Cebu City, Cebu Cebu City, Cebu, Studio Unit
4,500,000 PHP
Cebu City, Cebu Cebu City, Cebu, 1 Bedroom
5,000,000 PHP
Cebu City, Cebu Cebu City, Cebu, 1 Bedroom at Savoy Hotel